Últimos Lanzamientos

Nightwalkers - Requiem of a Nation
Svarta Moln - På höga hästar (Explicit)Incluye contenido explícito
Offensive - Babylon EP (Explicit)Incluye contenido explícito
Toblakai - One
One Toblakai 2019
Duirvir - Visions of the End
Sophisticated Grooves - Whiteness
As the Palaces Burn - End´evour
Adhaia - Catatonia
Catatonia Adhaia 2019
Fallen Asunder - Indoctrination
Unto the Wolves - The Pacifist (feat. Kiara Laetitia)
  • 16-bit FLAC
Anticosm - The Call of the Void
Beef Monk - Virulence
Nunca Seremos Dichosos - Kumbagüe
Sworn Us Under - Rorschach
Guide of Souls - Guide of Souls
Gabi Endres + the Rots - Worldkillers
Rest Is Silence - Breathe
The Eldritch Truth - Eye of a Blood Drunk Hunter (feat. Marco Pitruzzella)
  • 16-bit FLAC
Barbarian Waseland - Proxima Centauri
Kilter - Kilter
Kilter Kilter 2019
Shattered Worlds - For the Emperor!
Powershrine - Skin
Skin Powershrine 2019
Dead Set Saints - Golden Days